locked Re: JT-Alert 2.2.3: DXKeeper logging, fooled into wrong DXCC Entity

Jim - N4ST

I have done this before also. I suspect it is a function of JT65-HF, and a fix is not likely. Best advice is "don't do that". Hi Hi

Jim - N4ST

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I normally complete the logging before trying to work another station, but today I saw a new one come up before I'd finished inputting a comment on a log entry for a UA station. I double clicked a US station calling CQ in WSJT-X and then clicked the log QSO button a bit later.

I ended up with the DXCC Entity in the log record being set to 'K' rather than UA.

I have the JT-Alert-X Pathfinder lookup set on and FWIW DXKeeper also does a Pathfinder lookup to get callbook details when saving the QSO.


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