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On 26/10/2020 1:19 pm, docdga@... wrote:
I have   wsjt-x  gridtracker and JTalert running on my machine. JTalert lets me know that I have a wanted contact. I click on the contact in JTalert that initiates a transmit  in wsjt-x. Once the contact is confirmed and wsjt-x prompts me to log when I click OK JTalert starts telling me that it successfully logged the contact multiple times and seems to be in a loop I have to kill JTalert.. I have wsjt-x logging to Ham Radio Deluxe  JTalert is  logging to standard Adif file. Also there are nine or 10 incomplete  entries in Ham Radio Deluxe. There is one complete entry.

OM (Name? Callsign?)

WSJT-X doesn't log to HRD and if you have JTAlert logging to an ADIF file than the HRD logging must be coming from GridTracker.
You will likely find that your ADIF file also contains duplicate entries.

It sounds like you have JTAlert set to resend UDP packets to the same port that WSJT-X is sending to, which is the port JTAlert is listening to, so you have JTAlert resending UDP packets back to itself, thus the looping.

Turn off the "Resend WSJT-X UDP ..." setting in JTAlert will fix your issue.


If you use this Resend function for GridTracker than set it to a port DIFFERENT from the UDP Server port set in WSJT-X.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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