locked JTAlert Wanted Callsigns in Decodes window

iain macdonnell - N6ML

During ES season, I accumulated a list of callsigns known to be operating 6m from FFMA grids that I still need (that set of grids is getting smaller), hoping to get a jump on them if they showed up, perhaps before JTAlert knows what grid they're operating from.

Unfortunately "Wanted Callsign" is not band-specific (AFAIK?), so on returning to HF, I was getting a lot of alerts for those callsigns, but I don't need them on the HF bands. It'd be great if itcould be made band-specific, but that seems like it'd be a fair amount of development work.

So I turned off "Enable Wanted Callsign Alert", which stopped the alerts, but....

I use the "Decodes" window with Filter including "Show only Alerts" as a way to observe if anything that I need has been decoded recently (I often leave the decoder running while I do other things)...

... but those pesky "Wanted callsigns" still appear in the Decodes window! The "Alert" column is empty, yet they get though the filter. They clutter the decodes window quite a bit.

I could empty out my "Wanted callsigns" list, but I'd quite like to keep them for later, and this seems like a bug?


    ~iain / N6ML

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