locked Re: [Ham-Apps] status?

Laurie, VK3AMA <groups03@...>

Hi Rob,

Within 48 Hours 1.5.0 will be available. Sorry for delay. I have been trying to juggle too many things at once.

de Laurie, VK3AMA

On 13-October-2011 08:24, rob05836 wrote:
Hello Laurie,

Sorry if I am not up to date, I'm just wondering what the status of JT-Alert V1.5.0 is? I've been using v1.4.1 with JT65HF v1.0.8.2 and I'm seeing errors in the B4 file. If the new JT-Alert version is a ways off I will return to v1.0.7 as these errors are messing me up.

Also as a FYI, I'm not able to read messages to this new group on this site, as I am on my other Yahoo groups. There may be a setting wrong.

Thanks for all you do,


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