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On 22/10/2020 1:11 am, John K9EL wrote:

Any plans to allow the main window to be re-sized?


I would love to be able to essentially rotate the window 90 degrees – in other words, have tall columns.   Instead of choices of 1-4 X 6-9, be able to do 6-9 X 1-4.




73, John K9EL


Making the JTAlert window resizable, within the current V2 series is not likely.  Do do so would require significant layout changes as the Log Fields and Confirmed Bands displays would need to be reworked significantly or made separate windows.

The future JTAlertV3 has no such restrictions on window size (or number of displayed callsigns). Unfortunately, its release is still many months away. I have recently changed direction with how JTAlert is being coded that has further pushed out a possible release date.

But all is not lost, as part of that change I decided to start integrating parts of JTAlertV3 into the current V2 series, a hybridization. Most of that work to date has been in the background introducing new multi-threaded functionality.

The Test Team has been playing with new functionality where the Callsigns display is a separate resizable window. It is likely to be made part of V2 before Christmas.

To wet your appetite, here are some screen grabs of this new "Calls" window. These were taken of the same window resized and settings adjusted (show/hide country name, auto-adjust callsign display width) in real-time.


de Laurie VK3AMA

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