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Don’t know if this has been addressed but I am having issues with an installation of JT Alert.

Setting up brother’s digital workflow.

He was running WSJT 2.2.2 with JTA 2.16.13.

Here’s what happened:


  1. JTA crashes out with the following error message:

  1. Another issue in the same setup was that QRZ loggings were not occurring.
    Despite QRZ being [Enabled] and the API key being checked & verified by QRZ support
    there is seemingly no attempt by JTA to log to QRZ.

  2. Re #2, I inspected the  logging error folder and there was not a single QRZ entry.
    it seems as if JTA is confused and thinks QRZ is not enabled.


OK, so I next thought the above issues might be due to JTA’s configuring files being corrupted.

So we did a Windows Uninstall. Downloaded/Installed next/latest version 2.16.14 version

But, alas, nothing changed.

I then noticed that some data was still present since, after the uninstall/re-install

Somethings like the ADI/B4 data stores were still present.


So my question is:

Is there a way to reset basic JTA program configuration data w/o Deleting user data like ADI/B4 DBs?

The goal being to force JTA to re-evaluate the QRZ setting and force their activation.


If not, as a last resort, should we have do a Windows Uninstall AND delete all program folders?

If so, what are those folders?

I see the 2 basic trees of Program File for exes and HamApps prog data tree.

Are there any other not-so-obvious folder trees to delete for a complete naked re-install?


Thanks for all your efforts

TomK 73





From: <> On Behalf Of David Chavez
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Subject: Re: [HamApps] Callsign box slots


Hi Laurie, that did the trick.  All is working well with JTAlert and WSJT.  Thanks so much for your help.  
Dave N5CU

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