Re: Wanted State alert doesn't remember that West Virginia is confirmed

Chris Morrison

Hi Laurie,
They would have got into the log by being saved by JTAlert through the UDP ADIF message on port 2235. There are 14 FT8 contacts with WV, 9 callsigns are unique. Only one contact was had the state correctly set to West Virginia, the rest were Virginia. They all have WV written in the County. 

I have Log4OM set to enrich the real time logging so it could be one of the looks up that is causing the issue. This is probably the same lookup mechanism used when importing a ADIF.

My primary info provider is set to, the failsafe source is HAMQTH.

In the configuration settings CQ and ITU zones are calculated from the following source list:
County file-> CTY Database->Clublog->>Clublog CQ exception->Clublog Callsign Exception


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