Re: Feature Request - Add QRZ to Rebuild Alert Database

Charlie Hoffman

QRZ has awards that are similar to LOTW.
The advantage to me is that most QRZ confirmations are instantaneous because of the way your program automatically adds each qso to the log.
If both parties are using JTAlert and have internet connections then the QSO gets instant confirmation.
An additional perk is that I have a higher confirmation rate from QRZ than from either LOTW, eQSL, HDRlog, or CLublog.
The graphic interface provided by QRZ is also much easier for the user in determining their award status and number and type of worked/confirmed stations.

I log everything to QRZ, HRD, and eQSL in real time - LOTW is only done once a day because I can only upload the contacts manually.
I've been using the QRZ export to LOTW feature to do that so I now can update LOTW every night before turning off the computers.
It only takes one click on 'export' to send the updates so it's quick and easy.


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