locked Re: Change in the way B4s are displayed in WSJT after loading 2.16.14 (I think)

Jim N6VH

On 10/3/2020 5:19 AM, Bob K via groups.io wrote:

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This could be one of those situations where you see something for years, but when it disappears you wonder if it was there to begin with.

Loaded 2.16.14 this morning. In the Decode window it shows previously worked callsigns correctly as B4. However, in the WSJT (v2.2.2) Band Activity window that callsign is no longer displayed as greyed-out. NO calls signs are greyed-out out in Band Activity. This is true in all bands. 

I read the 2.16.14 Release Notes and do not see anything about this. I made no changes to my WSJT settings. Am I imagining that it used to be greyed-out?

Thanks for a wonderful product. Bob, KA2TQV


If by greyed out do you mean the color in the band activity window is changed to match the "B4" color in JTAlert? If so, I don't see any change here. Notice YB1IQE in the attached picture. The color there is the same as I have set for "B4" in JTAlert.


Jim N6VH

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