locked Re: Keyboard latency with multiple JTAlert processes running.


This isn't a 'miracle of computing' issue; I can totally saturate the CPU, the GPU and the PCI bus(es) in all of my systems, including the system that I use WSJT-X/JT Alert most often, with 3D modelling or synthetic benchmarks and I don't see this behavior. This is very specific to JT Alert - I can shut down the WSJT-X instances and still have this problem as long as JT Alert is running. I suspect that this is ecosystem-specific, and not everyone experiences this issue, but it's real and it's not a CPU overload issue.

Laurie - I think this a keyboard event trapping race condition caused by 'hotkey' overlays in other programs. I'm travelling and this difficult to isolate remotely because of remote access latency, but I reduced the keyboard latency on my main JT-mode system by stopping an Intel video 'hotkey' utility. I'll provide more data next week and can send you a support request if you think it would help.


Mike - N8MSA

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