locked JTAlert (JTDX Version) Reporting QSO Logging Error on HRD FT4 Contacts

John K7KB

Today I made some changes to my HRD Logging software so that it would log FT4 contacts as a Mode MFSK and Submode of FT4 as specified in this video:


One of the changes in the video has you set JTAlert in the Logging Options for "Log FT4 as ADIF 3.1.0 compliant Mode=MFSK, SUBMODE=FT4".

However, when I do this and the QSO is logged, I get the following error:

The thing of it is that the QSO does get logged, and it seems that it's in the proper format as a mode of MFSK and submode of FT4. So in the mean time I have the logging option turned off in JTAlert and will make manual changes in my HRD Log as necessary until this gets fixed, or someone tells me what I'm doing wrong :)

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