locked Re: Keyboard latency with multiple JTAlert processes running.

HamApps Support (VK3AMA)

On 23/09/2020 6:54 am:

Hey folks,

Sorry I'm sure this is an edge case, but I am a Flexradio user and I typically operate WSJT-X with at least 4 bands running simultaneously. I will feed each slice of the Flex to a different WSJT-X process, and then I will run an equal number of JTAlert instances, each capturing the UDP stream of the individual WSJT-X process.

I have noticed that as I add more JTAlert instances, my Keyboard latency will decrease linearly. By the time I have reached 4 processes, the latency is to the point where typing is very difficult.

My system is not taxed at all with all these programs running, I have a 12-core 4.0Ghz processor, and 32GB ram with a very fast GPU, and NVME storage. CPU usage while decoding 4 bands is 10- 20% & memory consumption is about 50%.

I have tried debugging for most of the day, and can confirm that the latency only happens with multiple JTalert instances running. I do not feel any keyboard sluggishness when I add more WSJT-x or Flexradio slices.

Has anyone encountered this before?

I am running version 2.16.13 of jtalert, 2.2.2 of WSJT-x and 15.8.0 of Dxkeeper.

Attached are some screenshots of my setup + a view of my system utilization when this is all running.



Try temporarily turning off monitor on all your WSJTX instances so there is no new decodes processing in WSJTX and by extension no new decodes processing in JTAlert. Do you still get the keyboard latency?

de Laurie VK3AMA

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