locked JTAlert 2.16.13 Rebuild Alert Database issue


I use the audible alerts for new states and new countries, and I love this feature.  It has helped me complete 8-band WAS, and I’m close to completing 160m and 6m WAS.  I was helping a friend who is a little challenged with software settings and upgrades.  I upgraded his JTAlert to version 2.16.13 and also installed the JTAlert database.  We did a Rebuild Alert Database (sorry you renamed this feature as it confused my friend because he could not find Scan and Rebuild).  He was trying to go to Wanted States and uncheck the states he has confirmed contacts, and I explained that if he uses Rebuild Alert Database that those checkboxes will automatically get updated for him.


This doesn’t work as it did in the previous version.  It leaves states that he has confirmed already with the check box checked, which is incorrect, and providing him more confusion.


I verified this is happening on my JTAlert as well, and with another ham who upgraded to version 2.16.13.  It appears this is some bug in the software.  I also found that to have the Rebuild Alert Database function update all the bands, I have to go to Wanted States and check the boxes under all the bands, then go to Rebuild Alert Database.  If I didn’t do this, bands that were not checked end up with no states checked as if I didn’t need any states to alert.


Please let me know if I am doing something wrong, or if this is an issue you are working to correct.


John / KL7NW


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