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For what it's worth, let me add a little detail for the sake of clarity.
The main issue discussed is affected by the method used to convey 2-way
digital audio between the radio and the PC.
There are 3 typical methods for a digital comm audio setup that come to

1. Bare bones direct audio connection:
Rig's audio I/O is passed to the PC via some type of simple audio
junction box directly into the PC's basic audio system.
This is problematic since the digital audio stream is directly mixed
with the PC's audio. Hence the obvious conflict.
However, in Windows, at least, local PC apps can be controlled
separately with volume slides to effectively mute them
This is effective but can be a tad tedious to mute all other apps during
rig use then to unmute them thereafter.

2. USB Digital Comm Adapters:
This method avoids audio path conflicts by conveying the rig audio I/O
over a separate USB connection path.
The USB digital comm rig adapter box provides a USB channel that appears
in the PC's device list as a separate device.
This avoids audio mixing issues by setting the AR digital apps to use
the USB device, rather than a PC audio device.
Using WSJT, e.g., it's RADIO settings tab allows selection of the USB
devices for its digital audio I/O.

3. Built-in USB interface in later model rigs like the ic7610, et al.
This is the same architecture as case #2 but with greater simplicity and
less complication.
Its setup and use are identical to case #2.

If case #1 is the one being discussed, then, indeed, a cheap outboard USB
device "might" help.
To fully support the need at hand, as with cases #2-#3, the USB adapter
needs to support 2-way audio.
That is, it needs to provide both Mic and Speaker types of devices to the
I am not familiar with how many of such adapters allow that.

Hope that helps.
TomK / KT1TK / 73

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I only have one sound card in my computer
That means you must be using that card for your audio for WSJT-X as well ...
NOT GOOD! That means that any windoze system sounds are being sent over the
air along with your digital sounds.

Why don't you invest a whopping $5 or so and get a USB plug in sound device
to use for your digital work?


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