locked Keyboard latency with multiple JTAlert processes running.

Patrick Skerrett

Hey folks,

Sorry I'm sure this is an edge case, but I am a Flexradio user and I typically operate WSJT-X with at least 4 bands running simultaneously. I will feed each slice of the Flex to a different WSJT-X process, and then I will run an equal number of JTAlert instances, each capturing the UDP stream of the individual WSJT-X process.

I have noticed that as I add more JTAlert instances, my Keyboard latency will decrease linearly. By the time I have reached 4 processes, the latency is to the point where typing is very difficult. 

My system is not taxed at all with all these programs running, I have a 12-core 4.0Ghz processor, and 32GB ram with a very fast GPU, and NVME storage. CPU usage while decoding 4 bands is 10- 20% & memory consumption is about 50%. 

I have tried debugging for most of the day, and can confirm that the latency only happens with multiple JTalert instances running. I do not feel any keyboard sluggishness when I add more WSJT-x or Flexradio slices. 

Has anyone encountered this before? 

I am running version 2.16.13 of jtalert, 2.2.2 of WSJT-x and 15.8.0 of Dxkeeper. 

Attached are some screenshots of my setup + a view of my system utilization when this is all running.



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