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Re Q on screen constraints when running more than 1-2 apps on a PC  such as WSJT+JT+GD.


Sorry if you know this. If you do, it might help others.

Secrets to switching windows in Windows


Switching windows in Windows is the raison d’etre of Windows 😊

Fundamental truth: You can only “show” a few app screens on a monitor.

That is not a problem. It is the basis of MS Windows and later OS.

I run 10+ windows at once all on 1 PC using 1 screen.  Often even more.

I can’t show them all  at once  - it’s just not possible nor is it expected!

When you run multiple windows, you typically only show 1 or 2.  

All the rest are still running – just in Background!


There are 3 common methods to switch among your windows.


Option #1 (Slowest, Simplest):  The Taskbar

When running multiple windows, they all appear on the taskbar as highlighted icons.

Clicking one whose window is not currently showing on the screen then shows it.

Tres simple. But a bit slow and requires one’s eyes to scan the taskbar.

Above capture is just of the bottom of my scree that is filled with apps running.

You can just barely see the blue highlight bar under the apps I am currently running.  Clicking any one brings it window to the foreground.

Caveat: If an app is NOT running and you click its icon, Windows naturally runs that app.  No biggie. Just close it.


Option #2 (Fast, Easy, Powerful): All Screens Preview

It surprises me how my Windows users do not know about and/or do not use the All Windows Preview.

The secret to efficient and proper use of multiple windows is ALT+TAB !

ALT+TAB is your friend and a fundamental part of Windows operation.

Above is the All Windows Preview showing the apps running on an average system window load on my system.


To use the Window Preview screen:

Pres & Hold the ALT-key.  While keeping ALT pressed, press TAB once and let go, while still holding ALT.

The All Windows preview screen above is shown and remains up as long as you hold ALT.  

The current window you were in is highlighted with a border.

The border indicates the window to switch to when you release the ALT key.

Since the last window you were in was highlighted, releasing ALT does nothing as it just returns to it.


Here's the good part where it does something for you:

Whilst holding ALT, each additional press of TAB moves the selection to the next window.

When you release ALT, you are switched the window that was selected with the last TAB press.


This is WICKED FAST!  It has become totally second nature.  I use it without thinking.


Option #3 (Fastest with less options): Overlapping windows

This is another obvious trick. It uses stacking windows with their edges showing.

So when looking at one window, you see the edge of another just under it.

Simply touching the edge of the buried window pops it to foreground - Instantly

The trick is to move the higher window slightly above and slightly right of the one under it.

This way you always have an edge to click on which instantly brings it to the fore.


For example:

I can squeeze WSJT + JTALert + JT-Decodes Windows on same screen.

In the above screen capture I was running WSJT + AJTAlert + GD all at once + many other app windows not seen.

All you see, though, is WSJT, JT-Alert below it, WSJT waterfall top right, JTAs Decode screen under waterfall.

But also note GD’s Decode screen just under JT’s Decodes screen. Sticking out to the left like a slip that’s showing.


To INSTANTLY see GT Decodes, I just click its left edge peeking out from under the left edge of the JT Decodes window.


I use ALT+TAB 95% of the time but for special cases like GT/JT Decode windows above, I might use edge-clicking!


Please note: The above examples are for MY scenario. Having been in the PC game since we created it, I have collected

and run an obscene  number of apps. AI, coding, photo, video, audio production, email, QRZ.com, QRZCQ.com, ad nauseam.

Anyone running lesser scenarios will have less apps to wade through and garner an even greater benefit.


Hope that helped.

TomK ~ KT1TK ~ 73


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> Set WSJT-X to use Multi-cast address  (e.g., JTA will

> pick that up automatically, set GT to use same address

> ThatTMs it - all will just work.


will it work if GridTracker is on a different PC

on the same local network?   No room on my FT8

pc screen to add GT !









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