locked Ignored Call Signs/Automatically Clear on Startup?


Hello, Laurie.  Thank you for a very well thought out and well implemented tool.  I looked for a place to make a financial contribution but found nothing?  Is there a place?

I am using WSJT with 100 watts and a wire antenna from Minnesota, USA.  I often leave the radio on with your app kindly flagging DX for me while I work on other things; I am very near DXCC, thanks to you.

But often I have situations where I can hear a station but repeated calls to the station tell me that he cannot hear me.  I use the "ignore" to suppress announcements of these stations.  Each session, then, I manually clear the ignored stations and start with a blank list.  I have no idea whether this is a common use of the function or not.

So ... :-) now comes the feature request:  A check box saying "Clear Ignore List on Startup."

Thanks for considering this.

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