locked Re: JTAlerts - WSJT-X communications failure

John L. Broughton

I was having this problem with v. 2.16.6, so I re-installed v. 2.16.5 and the problem disappeared.

One problem I have had with most all versions is, for some reason, the voice notification function stops or doesn't work at startup. I test the voice alert function to make sure it isn't working, then, I just close and reopen the program. That usually fixes it, but one or two times I had to do it twice. It is a little annoying, but not a major concern for me.


John, WB9VGJ

On 9/12/2020 9:56 AM, Michael wrote:
I get the following error message The JTAlerts help file and the "About"  for 2.16.13 listing do  not match so I cannot see what is wrong. Windows ten updated last week to the listing below

Mike W7OSG

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