locked Using JTALert and ACLog on different computers

JoAnn Donaldson

I have ACLog on a different computer than the computer that JTAlert is on. The computer that JTALert is on has an Network Drive to the ACLog Computer. I amusing the Manual mode to connect with ACLog. I can not get the Auto Mode to work. When I click on a station, JTAlert sends the Pre-Load. The preload works OK. When I have a confirmed contact and tell WSIT-X to Log the contact. JTAlert sends the Log entry but most times I get an Database Error in ACLog. I suppect it happens when JTALert tries to confirm that the contact was logged. When the Pre-Load info is sent, it fills out the boxes on ACLog. When I click the Log button in WSiT-X, at first ACLog logs the contact, then the Database error occurs and the logged entry is then wiped. Why do you require a physical path to the ACLog Database. I suspect that using the Network Drive path is causing the problem. Other programs like N7YQ's PSK and RTTY programs ONLY require the IP Address and Port Number of ACLog or one of the Contest Loggers. They DO NOT require a physical path to the ACLog Database.

JoAnn Donaldson - AB8YZ

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