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Larry Banks

I shut down every night and fire up every morning. I never have these issues. It saves electricity and wear and tear on the laptop. I really don't understand why folk need to run 24/7 unless they are running a public service.

73 -- Larry -- W1DYJ

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On 5 Sep 2020 at 11:55, Bill Barrett wrote:

I could reboot everyday and avoid
these issues but when there is a
programming problem it should be
fixed. Appreciate the workaround
suggestion. Hopefully someone will
identify the root cause and fix it.
do you really think you can 'police' the
authors of every software module running
on your pc, including micromush - that seems
to be getting rather sloppy lately ?

I use CCleaner now and then -- it cleans
up a lot of garbage and leftovers, including
registry dust ... in many years, I've never
had a problem for it, and for sure the pc runs
a helluva lot faster after the CCleaner cleanup.
(You don't HAVE to shut all the programs down,
but it is better if you do).

AND the CCleaner reports show you what was
orphaned and cleaned up ... it's amazing how much
clutter accumulates from 'leakage' and 'leftovers'


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