locked Re: Amount of Time to take HamApps to Load

James Hertel

I believe it maybe Windoze noticing that it also does the same thing 0n other programs... it takes foreverrrrr to populate.. My pi 2 is faster now days than my windoze 10...

Just saying !

N6kmr, Jim

On 9/5/2020 4:52 AM, KD7YZ Bob wrote:
I've been noticing that HamApps seems to take between 15 and 25 seconds
to load, here.

I can have a few other Radio apps running; or I can have just wsjtx as
well as one iteration of JTAlert running ... either way, that
welcome-pane of JtAlert v 2.16.13, on Win10Pro, just hangs around a
longggg time B4 I see the JTAlert docking to underneath WSJTx.

Doesn't seem like this used to be the case ....

Anybody else ??

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