locked Re: JTAlert 2.16.12 setup questions

Jeff - G4IUA

Many thanks for the suggestions.  

Multicast was selected in GT.  Sometimes easy to overlook the obvious so no problem at all suggesting double checking!


Great news in that Log4OM, WSJT-X, JTA and GT all nicely talk to each other now. 


Changed GT port to 2237, Multicast ON,  I don’t know what to do re Forward UDP Messages but ATM they are and 2233 but enabled/disabled make no difference so I guess they aren’t relevant.


WSJT/Reporting:  UDP Server and UDP Server port 2237.  I’m not sure of the function of the Secondary UDP Server (Deprecated) but it made no difference whether selected or not.


Despite what I read in other posts, in JTA I changed WSJT-X/JTDX: Resend UDP Packets (rx only) from to  Logging to Log4OM remains unchanged as: UDP Connections, ADIF_Message port 2235, Control port 2241.  No changes in Log4OM. 


It all started working and I’ve power recycled several times and everything still comes up beautifully.  GT is a great addition to the arsenal and it's useful having so much information displayed on the 2 monitors.  I really need to brush up on all this UDP, Multicast stuff as I hate just blindly going in and not knowing what I'm doing.  Not sure where to find a good basic tutorial but I'm sure the Internet will come up with something as usual!

Thanks again for the input.

Jeff - G4IUA


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