locked Gray color on worked stations calling CQ

Rich - K1HTV

In WSJT-X, when stations that I have not worked call CQ, colors the entire decoded CQ line is green. as is expected. When a station has been worked before on a band, the background of the callsign is gray, as expected. However, I have noticed in versions 12 and 13, that when three Barbados stations 8P6PE, 8P6EX and 8P6QA and also Mexican station 6E6E, all that I have already worked call CQ on 20M FT8, the gray background is missing. The entire CQ line is green. This gives the indication that I have not worked them before and results in duplicate QSOs on that band. 

I am using WSJT-X 2.2.2 and the latest version of DXKeeper is used for logging. I checked the DXK database and it shows that I have worked all of the above mentioned stations on 20M FT8 in recent months.

Can I assume that all of the gray background color behind the callsigns of stations already worked on a band in the WSJT-X "Band Activity" column are the result of JTAlert's determination that they are in the DXK database?  Or does JTAlert rely on the wsjtx_log.adi file? All of the 20M QSOs made with the above mentioned stations appear in both the wsjtx_log.adi and DXK mdb database files,.

Is there a bug in the way that JTAlert handles station callsigns starting with 8 or 6, when it comes to the gray background for indicating worked before? I worked 5K87LK and subsequent CQs by that station have a gray background as expected. I haven't yet checked the CQs of stations with calls starting with other numbers.

Rich - K1HTV

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