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I still use 8.1 and have auto update turned off. I want to control when an update is allowed into the QTH computer.

Tim - N8NEU

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On 29/08/2020 11:57 pm, WN8HGZ wrote:
> Every time I have windows upgrade I have problems with software that
> was running good begins to not work properly: SOOO! I now set windows
> to up grade when I want and I hold off as long as can. Since there are
> so many parameter's to set when u first get started u don't know what
> is causing the problem. Sooooo! of its working don't fix it. I have
> found that Laurie VK3AMA  to be right on with her help, very sharp and
> thanks so much. HRD had bad  file and she gave me the answer. HRD was
> ZERO help and wanted a fee for maintenance which I found ok however: 
> I paid the fee for 2 years and they still couldn't help me  with
> certain issues. Just some thoughts and sharing my experiences .

FYI, Laurie is an OM name here in VK.

de Laurie (OM) VK3AMA

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