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Actually, multicast is now fully supported so that both JTA & GD may communicate with WSJT simultaneously.

Though my deep hack days are over, I have found the following to be relevant and effective.
I’m sure I’ll quickly be corrected if I got something wrong 😉


To use multicast to run WSJT + JTA + GD, you need to do the following to enable multicast:

  1. Configure WSJT to use multicast for its “reporting” UDP message stream.
    To do this, we set WSJT’s reporting UDP *address* (not port) from its default of to any address within 239.00.0 -
    The port can be left the same as it was, e.g., 2237 or whatever.
    I use address  This should work on “most” home networks.  A few with special routing scopes may have issues but is unlikely for most.

  2. Configure JT-Alert to use multicast = Automatic. Nothing to do.
    JTA automatically syncs to WSJT’s reporting UDP address & port.  If address is in 239 range, it will operate in multicast mode.

  3. Configure GridTracker to use multicast
    a. You explicitly set GD’s address and port to the same as WSJT’s reporting settings.
    b. You ALSO need to click the radio-button “multicast” to enable it as it doesn’t imply it.


That should do the trick on most systems without an unusual or complex UDP net routing structure.




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does gridtracker connect to wsjt via udp port 2237? 2 programs cannot both connect to a UDP port...


On Mon, Aug 24, 2020 at 1:53 PM <dgd@...> wrote:

Hello, I'm new to the hobby and new to digital and new to FT8. But, I'm making progress. I have WSJT-X working after a month. I have GridTracker working after a week. I'm now trying to get JTAlert to work with them.
I'm running Windows & Pro  Service Pack 1. I read that I needed to download and install  "Framework 4.7.2" (which is available for Windows 7 SP1 and later only) which I have done.
I'm not sure what Framework 4.7.2 is or what it does. Is there anything else I need to do? Apparently I'm missing something.
I'm getting this error.

any suggestions or help appreciated. KI5IPM

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