locked Reinitialize the logs

Wayne Morris

I have been using JT Alert with WSJT-X. The needed lists and worked before are not correct. Short of deleting everything in JT Alert and reinstalling, is there a way to force the program to read my HRD logs and rebuild the list it uses? I don't let JT Alert send logbook entries to HRD Log. I have WSJT do it. I have tried enabling HRD Logging in JT Alert, rebuilding, and then disabling HRD Log in JT Alert. It appears to process the log but it is still providing alerts for calls that I know I don't need. For example, new continent. This is the only method that seems available but I suspect there is an easier way.

I don't want to change my logging process from WSJT since it is working perfectly as it is.

Thanks for any assistance.

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