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On 14/08/2020 5:21 pm, Barry Murrell ZS2EZ wrote:

Hi Laurie


Having loaded the latest version of JTAlert I am now seeing the change to the name of South Africa – now Republic of South Africa.


Must say, I haven’t heard my home country referred to as “Republic of South Africa” in ages!!  J


This has however raised a conundrum : In JTAlert this just shows as “Rep. Of”…. Not distinguishable from the other 4 Republic Ofs (Korea, Kosovo, South Sudan and Congo). Kind of got used to F.R. meaning Germany, but at a glance both Kosovo and South Sudan start with a Z, which makes matters worse!!


As JTAlert only has a VERY small field to display the name (and to the best of my understanding does not actually transfer the name, but rather the DXCC entity number when logging), surely either a shorter (and more readable) option would make more sense…. Or alternatively a way to enlarge the blocks to enable the whole name to be read??


Sure, I know that we are supposed to know our prefixes… but some of us are getting a bit slower nowadays!!  J




I changed the naming of "South Africa" to "Republic of South Africa" after a number of requests and some private email exchanges. Changing the name was not clear-cut, as different sources handle the name differently. From one of the email discussions I had on this...
"South Africa" is used by both the ADIF and ARRL and JTAlert has followed that lead, yet looking at DXKeeper, it lists "Republic of South Africa", who is right/wrong in this situation?

LOTW uses 


The ARRL is not consistent, with LoTW providing a different naming from the official entities list provided on the ARRL website.

In making my final decision as to which name to go with, I looked to Wikipedia, which indicates that "Republic of South Africa" is the official name. So I went with that.

It looks to me like the ADIF standard and the ARRL are both out of date.

As for the country name
field (often abbreviated or truncated) below the Callsign display of JTAlert, I have made some further changes to utilize the common names of some countries rather than trying to abbreviate the long name.
A sample of upcoming changes.
Republic of Korea -> South Korea
Republic of Kosovo -> Kosovo
Republic of South Africa -> South Africa
Republic of South Sudan -> South Sudan
Republic of the Congo -> The Congo

de Laurie VK3AMA

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