locked Entity Naming Conventions

Barry Murrell ZS2EZ

Hi Laurie


Having loaded the latest version of JTAlert I am now seeing the change to the name of South Africa – now Republic of South Africa.


Must say, I haven’t heard my home country referred to as “Republic of South Africa” in ages!!  J


This has however raised a conundrum : In JTAlert this just shows as “Rep. Of”…. Not distinguishable from the other 4 Republic Ofs (Korea, Kosovo, South Sudan and Congo). Kind of got used to F.R. meaning Germany, but at a glance both Kosovo and South Sudan start with a Z, which makes matters worse!!


As JTAlert only has a VERY small field to display the name (and to the best of my understanding does not actually transfer the name, but rather the DXCC entity number when logging), surely either a shorter (and more readable) option would make more sense…. Or alternatively a way to enlarge the blocks to enable the whole name to be read??


Sure, I know that we are supposed to know our prefixes… but some of us are getting a bit slower nowadays!!  J



KF26ta - Port Elizabeth, South Africa

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