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You are correct if the B4 disable  is made individual to each wanted call. Still, I want to work it for each band and not be harassed by repeated alerts from the wanted call on  already worked bands.


Amos 4X4MF



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On 14/08/2020 7:37 am, asobel@... wrote:

The problem with your solution is that if I put "Don't play Alert if
callsign is a B4" it will work for all wanted callsigns and all bands.
Amos 4X4MF

That's not correct, it would be applied to individual Callsigns only. If a Wanted Callsign (one out of the many possible for the Alert) is a B4 it would simply not be Alerted. It would NOT be applied to the Alert globally.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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