locked Alert Sound and Pathfinder Problems

Mark Robinson

Hi Laurie,

Since I upgraded to version 2.16.10 from 2.14.2 my Sound Alerts have stopped working. The Test Sound card button produces no sound.

I am running win 7 Pro and can see no problems with my soundcard setup. I don't know what else to look at. Can you advise.

I also notice that when I work a new station in WSJTX,  the callsign is not being passed to DXLab Suite   Path Finder.  Using the earlier version 2.14.2, Path Finder would display the new callsign details as soon as I started a   QSO.  Now Pathfinder only displays the new callsign after I log a station and I suspect the DXKeeper is causing Pathfinder to show the latestlog entry.

Any help would be appreciated

73 Mark N1UK

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