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Russ Ravella

Hi Laurie,

Thanks for the response.

Right.  I’d been using GT with JTA that way until now and wanted to explicitly mention they can be used independently now and that is working perfectly.  JTA is never going anywhere in my shack so if the other apps had to run via resend from it, then that’s the way it was going to be.  No longer an issue.  Also, since performing an operation from either app “changes the state” of WSJT-X (selecting a station, initiating TX, …), the other app sees it and shows it doing so, essentially mirroring the operation as well.   Very cool.

It’s pretty amazing you’re still working so hard to maintain the V2 we’re all using - even going so far as to work out this neat piece of fancy footwork for us - while also bringing up your V3 which will eventually obsolete it.  Just wanted to point that out too.  We can't appreciate you enough Laurie, thank you again !
Russ, KR6W

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On 12/08/2020 4:11 pm, Russ Ravella via groups.io wrote:
Just wanted to report I successfully updated JTA to 2.16.10 and have it running together with GridTracker with no issues so far.  It works perfectly as far as I can see.  Thank you yet again, Laurie !

For anyone interested in specific set-up steps, here's what I used:

        - set WSJT-X >Settings>Reporting>UPD Server to

IP =, Port = 2334                                          (using the IP Laurie tested with though anything in the MultiCast IP range ( to should work)

- set GT >Settings>General>Receive UDP Messages to

MultiCast?>enable, IP =, Port = 2334

(note: GT’s IP box stays yellow for some reason)

- no change to JTA; it detects MultiCast and configures automatically

- either can control WSJT-X and they recognize and display commands set by the other

- restart may be necessary


Tnx for the positive report.

- either can control WSJT-X and they recognize and display commands set by the other

The point that many people are missing about multicast is that it allows multiple WSJT-X cooperating applications like JTAlert, DX Aggregator & Grid Tracker to be run simultaneously and independently. Prior to multicast, DX Aggregator and Grid Tracker were dependant on using the JTAlert UDP resend mechanism which didn't support either application directly controlling WSJT-X.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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