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D. Scott MacKenzie

Thank you Laurie – I followed Dave’s instructions and got it done.  Thank you for your help


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On 11/08/2020 8:33 am, D. Scott MacKenzie wrote:

In addition, no there is no way to restrict the log scanning for an individual Alert type to a different Log.

While I said the above about using different logs not being possible, using DXKeeper myQTH IDs will have the same affect as having different diffent (filtered) log for the State Alert. Using DXKeeper, set it to have different myQTH IDs for your different operating locations and then set the State Alert to use your current myQTH ID. The "Rebuild Alert Database" will consider only log QSOs from the enabled myQTH ID.

eg. here I have the State Alert set to only use QSO that have the "VK3AMA_QTH_1" myQTH ID, while the DXCC Alert has no myQTH ID set so all QSOs in the log are considered.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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