locked Re: Does JTA get along with Gridtracker ?


You may want to take a look at the beta version that has added UDP multicasting support.


From the release notes:


- UDP Multicast: JTAlert now supports joining a UDP multicast group IP address
       when interacting with WSJT-X. This is automatic, using the settings as defined
       for each detected WSJT-X instance discovered running on the same PC as JTAlert.
       Multicast support across multiple PCs/Networks is not supported.
       Current JTAlert/WSJT-X setups, either single or multiple instance will operate
       as normal without any changes to WSJT-X settings.
       Users who want to take advantage of concurrently running applications like DX
       Aggregator or Grid Tracker along-side JTAlert will need to set the WSJT-X UDP
       Server to a valid Multicast IP (in the to range) and set
       those applications to use that IP address. JTAlert requires zero-configuration.



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