locked Re: Access setting without WSJT-X open

Dave Garber

Why can't you?

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On Mon, Aug 10, 2020, 2:16 PM James Fuller N7VR via groups.io, <n7vr=n7vr.org@groups.io> wrote:
It would be nice if we could access settings for JTALERT when WSJT-x is
not open.

I often get requests to listen for a station attempting to complete an
award. I normally add the call sign to the wanted call sign list. This
notifies me when they are operating. I, also, like to change the
configuration of the link to programs like DXLABS, N1MM, Etc depending
on the upcoming operating situation. Having to bring up WSJT-x when the
radios are not on or disconnected is troublesome. Therefore I suggest
there be a way to access the settings without having WSJT-x up.


Jim Fuller
Montana Section Emergency Coordinator
N7VR -- http://www.n7vr.org
ARRL Life Member
CWOP-2 -- http://www.wxqa.com
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