locked Re: Would like to Add Propagation Mode and meteor shower to Logged QSO


On 8/9/2020 15:26, Jim - N4ST wrote:
...doesn’t the logged mode already tell
you which is which? Although logging a MSK144 QSO does not guarantee
that the propagation mode was meteor scatter, but JTAlert wouldn't be
capable of that distinction either.
Well, I am not seeing a changed Propagation Mode ... just what's
"Default" propagation or, if left Blank, no Propagation Mode.

So, one rig may be FT8 on 10m, or JT9G on 10m, while the other is
pounding away on 6m in MSK144 mode. Also thus in M/S.

From time to time I like to see what I achieved on meteor scatter. But
if I forget to change the TR (Tropo) then a sort won't reveal much
that's correct.

I previously asked this on WSJT-x and it was politely suggested I ask here.

A POP-UP for logging comes up at the R
the appropriate time in the QSO. I could change the Prop-Mode there.
Others told me that was generated by JTAlert.

Whatever shows up at the logging-point, also has the Power output box
... I have to change that from rig to rig ... and I do.

thanks for replying.


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