locked Re: No Audio ] JTAlert 2.16.10

chas cartmel

Mark, couple of things.

Double decoding if a frequent occurrence is usually overloading of the audio input either at the transmitting station of within your own system. Might be informative to check levels. .JTAlert has no influence on that at it only receives data from WSJTX via UDP.

Groove Music is a separate program and is ‘selectable’ as a default within Settings (start menu sidebar)/Apps/default apps.. No idea if this program  is available on Windows 7 though. See later

It happened overnight on my system and even a restore to an earlier Windoze ‘checkpoint’ and a subsequent Windows in place rebuild didn’t fix it.


I have now reset the default to WMP and retried the audio via ‘test sound card’ and individual alert sound files within JTAlertX and it works again. Audio files are now played through WMP as expected. I have not touched the system since my last post on the issue so any changes must have been via a Windoze buggeritupdate. Really confused all the same.


I am also surprised Laurie didn’t comment on this issue.
A few have commented on audio issues since the last update so this silence on the matter is out of character.

Hope this helps


73 Charlie



Stay safe out there



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