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On 10/08/2020 3:49 am, D. Scott MacKenzie wrote:

Is there a way to filter the logs for needed states after a certain date? 


I moved to new QTH in 2000 and am trying for 5B WAS.  I need to filter the my alerts for states after 1/1/2000.  The DX needed filter can remain the same




Scott aka KB0FHP


Currently, only DXKeeper can provide what you want. The JTAlert "Rebuild Alert Database" operation (which scans your log) can consider QSOs that have one or more DXKeeper myQTH IDs defined. JTAlert can restrict the Alert Database rebuild to specific myQTH IDs on a per-Alert basis so you can have a myQTH restriction for States but no restriction for Dxcc as an example.

If your currently using DXKeeper and have suitable myQTH IDs set (and applied to your QSOs), visit the "Logging -> DXLab DXKeeper -> homeQTH Selections"" section of the JTAlert Settings window.

I note that the JTAlert Settings refer to "homeQTH" while DXKeeper refers to "myQTH" IDs. They are the same, it looks like there has been a name change sometime in the past and I need to account for (it has been several years since that area of JTAlert was first coded).

FYI, the future JTAlertV3 utilizes a more generic method of scanning the log, with a Date that can be explicitly set to restrict the Log scan. Each Alert type has an independent Date
setting. A screen-grab from the current JTAlertV3 Settings...

de Laurie VK3AMA

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