locked Re: IMPORTANT - Fixed JT-Alert 2.2.3 available.


> For those of you uninstalling 2.2.3 (like me), use the Windows Control Panel and be sure to indicate that you want to save your settings. I can confirm that my settings were maintained after the uninstall and re-install process.>

I do not have an entry for JT-Alert 2.2.3 in the Windows 7 Programs and Features control panel.  I have entries for JT Alert 1.5.9 , JT-Alert Databases 12.11.12, JT-Alert Sounds 1.0.4 and JT-Macros 1.0.6. 

The  JT-Alert 2-series was installed in another location from JT-Alert 1-series, but did not create a separate entry for an uninstall, evidently(?). I've attempted to paste a screen shot below.


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