locked Ignored CallsignsNot Coloured

Tom Job

Good morning, Laurie and group...

I have upgraded to v2.16.10 and noticed that the callsign listed in my "Ignore Callsign" section of JTAlert are not displaying the default background colour, or any other selected colour.  I had it working fine in other version but this update seems to have killed the default background colour.  Ignored callsigns now appear with a grey background instead of the default or selected colour.  The Ignored Callsign colour used to show in the Band Activity window, too, of WSJT-X but it no longer does. 

I tried restarting the programs but no joy!

Using Windows 8.1 (updated), WSJT-X 2.2.2, JTAlert 2.10.16

Any help would be appreciated....Tom

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