locked Logging confusion

John Holmes W9ILY

I am using standard ADIF logging with JTAlert and have a question regarding logging and the correct method. I use a non-integrated logging program, DX4WIN, and as a matter of course I manually import all of my FT8 ADIF files from WSXT-X and JTDX into that logging program, do a "full export" of that logging program periodically and indicate that "full export" file as my logging file that is read by JTAlert.  This has been working OK but I have just noticed that the standard ADIF files produced by WSJT-X and JTDX do not contain state and other miscellaneous info. JTAlert always attaches data from a newly contacted station including state, etc. and the "full" file then has that info. So far so good. However, I use DX4WIN for my general logging for all modes and the info that JTAlert has appended to my "full" file is overwritten the next time I export my FT8 QSOs into my DX4WIN program and create another "full" file to be read by JTAlert. Thus, newly contacted stations in wanted states is overwritten and literally gone. I am sure there is a workaround for this but I am a dead end. If JTAlert wrote the logging data to a new file I could simply import that file into my DX4WIN this creating a complete record of the QSO. But, I didn't see a way to do this . Any suggestions?
John W9ILY

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