locked Re: Any Plans for JTalert to use Multicast?

Carl - WC4H

Hi Richard.

To use both JTAlerts & GridTracker you need to flip what you are doing.
Let GridTracker listen on Port 2237, then turn on "Forward UDP Messages" to another port box (IE: 2238) in GT.  In GT these settimgs are in the General tab of settings.

For this to work, you MUST launch GridTracker first, then JTAlerts.  JTAlerts automatically finds the port that WSJT-X is using, so when you launch GT first, JTA will see port 2238 (in my example) and listen there.   It does not seem to work the other way around.

You can also turn on "Multicast" but if you just want to run the 2 programs simultaneously, it is not necessary.

This setup seems to work OK.  I have tested it and I have a friend that does it routinely.

If you are logging to DXLab, HRD, etc., you have to decide which program you want to do the logging so that you do not get duplicate entries.  You may also want to decide which of the two to use for sound alerts.

Carl - WC4H

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