locked Re: does JT-Alert use the NetFilter SDK toolkit?

Michael Black

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On 4/08/2020 1:59 am, Jon McCombie wrote:
I am working with my VPN provider to troubleshoot a problem where split VPN tunnel doesn't work on my ham-shack PC. The VPN provider's support has examined various diagnostics from the VPN software and believes the problem is that some piece of software I have downloaded uses the NetFilter SDK, and that there is a known conflict between their software running split-tunnel and NF-SDK. The support person could not identify which package(s) is/are using NF-SDK, so I'm asking this august group (and the authors of other packages I have downloaded). Laurie?

Thanks in advance and 73 de
--JonĀ  N1ILZ

JTAlert does not use the NetFilter SDK. Until your post, I was not aware of this product.

If you're lucky, the offending application may install the NetFilter files within its own installation directory rather than the Windows System directories so that may help isolate the application. Try doing a file search on Netfilter*.sys

de Laurie VK3AMA

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