locked Re: Wanted DXCCs V.2.16.10 Band 4 m


Good afternoon Laurie, I will try to explain myself better and I trust the Google translation ...

Under normal conditions, when I am working in WSJT, in the band, example, 20 meters, when opening the searched DXCC, the data is represented in the 20 meter band; If you are in the 4 meter band, when performing the same operation, the data sheet with the 160 meter band title appears.
Well it is true, as you just indicated, that you can access by clicking on the corresponding band, and it is so, it works.

It is not a band that has activity and that is why I did not use it and did not know that it comes out like 160 meters, but with the solution provided, you change it that is important.

Jesús, EA1YR

El sáb., 1 ago. 2020 a las 3:19, HamApps Support (VK3AMA) (<vk3ama.ham.apps@...>) escribió:
On 31/07/2020 6:02 am, Jesus wrote:
I see an error opening Wanted DXCCs .. on the 4 meter band, because the 160 meter band comes out.
I observed it in the previous version, 2.16.09 and it persists in this new version .....

Jesus, EA1YR

I can't replicate this behavior. Clicking the appropriate Band button on the DXCC Alert settings will display the required Band.

What makes you think that 160m is being displayed rather than 4m?

de Laurie VK3AMA

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