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On 31/07/2020 8:41 am, Joe Roth wrote:
I repeated the un-install, directory and registry clean up.
Rebooted with a fresh install. But this time, I launched JTalert before WSJT-X (opposite of what I had done in the past year). It loaded and sees to function. THEN...
when I clicked on Settings, I get another AutoIT error.
Screen shot:

Whatever the problem, given the consistency of the failure, my guess is that the cause is specific to your Windows environment.

Users who have experienced these AutoIT errors have reported that the frequency is inconsistent (random) and not on every execution. I don't recall other reports of the failure occurring when trying to open the Settings.

I am thinking a possible security/permissions issue with the JTAlert installation directory. Try installing JTAlert to a directory outside the Windows protected "Program Files ..." directory trees. While JTAlert has been coded correctly to work under those directories it wont hurt to install to a new location.

If after installing to a new location the problem persists, failure when trying to open the Settings, please zip up the JTAlertSettings.exe file and email it to me directly (use my QRZ listed email address)

de Laurie VK3AMA

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