locked Re: AutoIT error; JTalert

Michael Black

What kind of computer/memory/cpu/speed do you have?

This seems to be more common in slower computers.

I haven't seen this error at all on my new computer and saw it a few times on the older one I had.


On Thursday, July 30, 2020, 07:01:15 PM CDT, Joe Roth <joe.wc4r@...> wrote:

[Edited Message Follows]

Still no go.
I deleted all the file & folders including those in localappdata.
Scanned and cleaned anything in the registry.
Re-booted, re-installed. Made sure no programs were running in the background. Got the same error with one minor change; instead of line 22238 it is now 22265.

I repeated the un-install, directory and registry clean up.
Rebooted with a fresh install. But this time, I launched JTalert before WSJT-X (opposite of what I had done in the past year). It loaded and sees to function. THEN...
when I clicked on Settings, I get another AutoIT error.
Screen shot:

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