locked JTAlert 2.16.10 is available #Announcement #NewRelease

HamApps Support (VK3AMA)

The latest JTAlert version 2.16.10 is now available @ https://hamapps.com/JTAlert/

de Laurie VK3AMA

Release Notes.

2.16.10 (28-Jul-2020)

  *** Includes Callsign database file version 2020-07-28 (2020-Jul-28)

  New Features:

    - Lotw adif files: The QSL_RCVD fields used by LoTW are now treated as
       LOTW_QSL_RCVD fields. If the Adif file header indicates the file was sourced
       from LoTW, the QSL_RCVD to LOTW_QSL_RCVD translation is automatic.


    - Band Activity Display: Has been renamed to Mode Activity Display.

    - Windows notification sounds: The single sound option (introduced with 2.16.9)
       has been extended to two independant sound/volume options. One sound for
       "Errors & Failure" and the other for "Success & Information" notifications.


    - Windows user names with accented characters: Functions, like Band Activity,
       Text Messages, Sound play, not working when the %localappdata% path contained
       accented characters (Windows user name has these characters, eg. Jesús).
       Caused by a defect in a 3rd party code library that applied incorrect Json
       data encoding to accented characters sent to the JTAlertV2.Manager process.
       (2.15.1 defect).

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