locked Re: Interfacing JTAlert with ACLog

James Tills W7JWT Stevens County DEM

It is very easy. If you want ACLog to also do DXSpotting and want to use it to control your rig when you select a DX Spot, you will need to use two cables, one to the USB port and one to the Remote port. This resolves the single com port issue. This gives you two com ports. I can send you all the configuration settings if you want. This is by far the best way to do it and all it requires is the second cable. E-Mail me if you want the details. You don't need any other rig control programs. This also works for FLDigi and Winlink. CUL. Jim. W7JWT

On Jul 25, 2020 1:45 PM, VE3QN <ars.ve3qn@...> wrote:
I've just begun using JTAlert. It's working fine but I am particularly interested in having JTAlert updates contacts to N3FJP's ACLog. I think I know how to do this but the one obstacle I have is that the interface my IC-7300 uses to both programs is the same COM port - COM 5. Neither program will run if the other is running. What's the easiest way around this? Thanks in advance. Bryan VE3QN

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