locked Re: DXCC abbreviations inconsistent with LoTW, ClubLog and others

WB5JJJ - George

Yes, Carey, there are unique DXCC numbers, but those by themselves don't mean much to most folks.  And if you do a cross reference, then you are in the same boat.  

I just finished building a crude spreadsheet where I can cut and paste from LoTW with their entity name for each band and it does a VLookUp and grabs the JTA naming convention for each entry.  I just sort the band spreadsheet tabs and it all now jives.  As a country changes name, a simple edit will correct it, once I see it in JTA.  Also I have the spreadsheet marked every 13 entries, so it's a very quick process to see where a DXCC needs to be added, now that the "s" abbreviations are modified.  And since I only check against LoTW, the rest are irrelevant.  

I use JTA to keep track of ALL of my QSO's from day one back in 1973.  I'm not trying for WAS or DXCC on FT8, so all I want to know is that it's an ATNO on a specific band for me PERIOD.  That's why I go through all of this.  As JTA has become a single point of reference for me.  I can't scan my log in JTA since it will delete all non-digital QSO's I've entered.  Found that out the hard way a couple years ago.  I had well over 200 mixed DXCC before FT8, and now I've added about 75 new ones on FT8, and a few more on SSB and CW as well.  
George - WB5JJJ

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