locked DXCC abbreviations inconsistent with LoTW, ClubLog and others

WB5JJJ - George

This is a minor issue at best, but one that appears could be easily changed. 

I compare with LoTW frequently to insure that DXCC's are staying in sync between JTA and LoTW.  When I see that JTA and LoTW disagree, I do a compare.  But when I get to the "S" group, the JTA abbreviations really put a kink in what would otherwise be a very quick compare.  Also "Republic of South Africa" is listed in JTA as just "South Africa".  There are other variations in the "U" group as well.   A few others almost look like a totally different DXCC until you realize there is no other choice. 

Would you consider adjusting these DXCC entries to the more conventional syntax that LoTW, ClubLog and others use?  I know that I would really appreciate it, and perhaps others as well. 
George - WB5JJJ

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