locked VHF Contest Problem: All Grids highlighted in Grid Column of Decode Window. All grids highlighted.

Mark W2OR

VHF Contest Problem with Grid column in Decodes Window: All Grids are highlighted in the Grid Column of the Decodes Window.   v2.16.8

There's a basic setting that's out of order here, somewhere, and for the life of me, I can't get the Grid Column in the Decodes window to properly alert to wanted grids, this during the ongoing VHF contest.  Grids that I have worked earlier in this contest, a few short hours ago, are still highlighted as 'needed'.  And, all the grids are highlighted in a background color that I did not ask for, appearing with a dark blue background, and white font lettering. 

I'm still working on it as i make QSOs ... maybe by tomorrow it'll be fixed.  any ideas?  Thanks. 

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